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The Success and The Failures of Lefthanders in Sports

The Best Lefthanded Tennis Players since 2000

Angelique Kerber and Petra Kvitova are the two best womens tennis players of the 21st Century, although neither has been nearly as dominant as Nadal has been in men's tennis.  Their claim as the best women lefthanders of their generation is based on each of them having won multiple Grand Slam Singles Titles, and both winning many other WTA tournaments, and both being rated higher in the WTA rankings than any other lefthanded women.  They have each accomplished enough to earn their own page and a longer story.  

Nadal and Kerber and Kvitova are not the only lefthanded tennis player who have played over the past twenty years, but they are far and away the best.  On the ATP Tour, there are currently fourteen lefthanders ranked in the top 100.  On the WTA Tour, there are currently nine lefthanders ranked in the top 100.  Perhaps one of them will become the next lefthanded tennis players to win a Grand Slam Singles Title, and rank among the top players of their generation.  

Rafael Nadal is far and away the best lefthanded tennis player of the 21st Century, probably the best tennis player, left-handed or right-handed, of his generation, and maybe the greatest tennis player of all-time.  His twenty-two Grand Slam Singles Titles are impressive enough, but his dominance on the tennis court goes far beyond those events.  He has won 92 career titles (4th most in the Open Era) with a career match record of 1058 wins and only 212 losses and an 83.3 winning percentage that ranks #1 among Open Era players.  At his peak he was ranked #1 in the world for 209 weeks and finished #1 in the year-end rankings five times.  At age 36, with two of those grand slam titles and two other tour wins in 2022, he is still among the best in the world, and is currently ranked #4 among ATP Tour Players.  He has conquered all his competitors on the court, and only injuries will keep him from adding to his legacy.  Click here to read more about Nadal's accomplishments.